Bench Swing With Pallets

Build a platform bed with floating night stands

After the covering from mix of polish and pumiceous powder hardens, it process a hank of a thin steel wire or slightly grind an emery paper granularity 220. Then delete dust.

To fill a time, moisten a tampon in the divorced polish and dip it in pumiceous powder. Then rub mix in a tree.

In summary the tampon is impregnated with a small amount of solvent and the sliding movements process them a surface until it it becomes transparent the brilliant. On it process of polishing can be considered complete. Now the dense film covers a furniture surface that will facilitate care of it and will protect a tree.

The good polished covering consists of three-four layers, but already two layers yield satisfactory result if a preparatory work was performed correctly.

It is not recommended to knead paste too liquidly: in such look it badly is kept by a time. You should not rub also paste too long — the result will appear the same.

The first layer of polishing is left for drying for 24 hours, then procedure is repeated.

In intervals between working processes the tampon needs to be stored in hermetically closed capacity that it remained elastic. If through any time the tampon again is required to you before using it, move an external layer of fabric so that on lower, that is the pure site of this fabric appeared the worker, the party of a tampon. If despite the correct storage the tampon became hardened, replace it new with an external layer from very fine fabric. Track that on the lower party of a tampon fabric was well tense and on it there were no folds.

The hank of a thin steel wire is applied only to processing by the covered primer or the first layer of polish of a surface.

Then, as before, or directly on the tampon impregnated with polish apply some drops of polishing oil on a surface. Work with a tampon until it does not become dry. Thus pressing has to be minimum.